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Senior Software Engineer

Ahmedabad, India.


- Pathloom

The project is related to outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Users can search different activities locations over the USA map. They also can plan a trip and include the different activities on different dates. The Map shows different overlays like weather radar, Landtypes, mobile coverage, and many more. I led the frontend team in VueJs
Technology and Tools
Vue.js, Html, SCSS, Javascript, Node.js, Mapbox Apis, Jira, Git
  • Integrating Mapbox map-related APIs and functionalities into the frontend application.
  • Writing logical code to integrate the circular overlay which shows the distance in miles and kms on the map. Also done some useful R&D and condition-wise loading activity icons on the maps.
  • Building and testing different UI components. Made PWA (Progressive Web App) version of the application.
  • R&D on different overlays like weather, mobile coverage, waterbodies, dark sky and integrating them into Mapbox map. Also used the Mapbox tile services with other services.
  • Integrated Stripe payment gateway to the frontend.
  • Led the front-end team of 5 members and maintained communication with the client to deliver sprints.
  • Reviewing the code and give the approval on GitHub for the merge request generated by junior developers.

- Aris4Autism

The project is related to the healthcare of children who has autism. The project provides a service to the people and a subscription would be made from this platform for the autism service. I handled the Claim My Account and admin parts of the website where people would come to subscribe the service.
Technology and Tools
ReactJs, Html, CSS, JavaScript
  • Making Claim My Account page using HTML, CSS and integrating it to the Laravel Application.
  • Integrated Stripe payment gateway APIs to the frontend.
  • Built and handled the admin portal with React components to manage the users and subscriptions
  • Led the team of two people and maintained the development throughout the sprints.

- Legalese

This project provides an online service to lawyers and their clients with many functionalities including payment and video communication through Zoom calls.
Technology and Tools
ReactJs, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel
  • Maintaining the frontend and backend of the user and admin side web.
  • Improved and bug fixing of zoom call functionality.
  • Building different Pixel Perfect React UI components with responsive to mobile and testing them.
  • Building the APIs and integrating it with the frontend

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