Epam Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Software Engineer

Pune, India.


- Clinical Oversight (IQVIA)

This is an analytics project which gives patient insights to authorized users. It provides a broad spectrum of risks, KPIs, and contextual data of clinical trials - with 90% accuracy. The website shows data visualization using chart.js and handling huge amounts of data using the redux store with different types of filters on data.
Technology and Tools
React.js, Node.js, react-redux, chart.js, react-testing-library, jest, Jira, and Git
  • Developed and maintained with team of around 30 people.
  • Integrated Chart.js library into a project with React.js. and develop different graphical analytics dashboards.
  • Solving technical challenges and flaws in the application using react custom hooks and react-redux state management.
  • Writing Unit test cases to make sure the application works as expected using jest.
  • Actively participating in scrum and feedback calls with customer/BAs to support require changes.
  • Led a team of 5 people among the 3 teams having around 20 members.

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