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Senior Laravel Developer

Ahmedabad, India.


- Blind People Association (Drishti)

This project is about an examination platform for blind students. The platform is built in such a way where a student can hear the questions and options using the keyboard. The specific key binds with a task to perform like the right arrow and left arrow key for changing questions, up and down arrow key for changing options, and ‘R’ key for repeating the question. After the exam student can listen to the score on the scorecard page. There is also an admin CMS for managing content like questions, tests, etc.
Technology and Tools
ReactJs, Jest, JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, Amazon AWS EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Polly.
  • Created and maintained the frontend of the user and admin website.
  • Took care of the accessibility especially for blind people while developing the website.
  • Developed the exam module in ReactJs to ease the student experience and integrated the exam APIs into the module.
  • Used React TypeScript for making ReactJs components flawless and type-hinting the components.
  • Integrated Amazon services like Amazon s3 storage, Amazon Polly for supporting speech of three languages which are English, Hindi, and Gujarati.
  • Maintained regular communication with the client for adding new features.

- CourseKart

This project is about an enterprise service for Students and Classes. Many education classes are registered with this platform where their students use to learn, practice, and give tests for their exams like Gate, Jee, Neet, and Jee Mains. This platform also provides video and note solutions for CA students and e-commerce flow for purchasing such courses was also integrated for them.
Technology and Tools
ReactJs, React-Redux, Redux-Thunk, JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, Laravel, Amazon AWS services.
  • Developed many features, maintained the old codebase and data by giving constant support to the clients.
  • Integrated payment gateways APIs like CCAvenue and Paytm in front-end.
  • Developed and tested many React UI components with global storage of react-redux, also used the Styled Components and SCSS to build Pixel Perfect UI.
  • Developed offline CBT (Computer Based Test) solution in electron for offline exams and test centers. This led to increasing students on the platform by 30% per year.
  • Debugged the software and websites for solving the bugs and fixed them.
  • Handled and added new features to the admin side platform to manage backend side data for Classes (CMS).
  • Integrated many different graphs to frontend to show various data of students.
  • Migrated the project from Codeigniter to Laravel and ReactJs for better performance and stability.
  • Reviewing code of juniors and led them to correct way of coding.

- TaskUnite

This project is about a task tracking system for hospitals in the USA. Individual tasks are given to hospital staff by their colleague or seniors, this website or system tracks those tasks, generate reports, notify the task assignee or owner when task status changed. It tracks the inventory stock inside the hospital. The system also tracks the records of the patients. Patients' data should be encrypted as per HIPPA compliance in the USA.
Technology and Tools
ReactJs, Laravel, Amazon AWS services.
  • Developed and maintained the project.
  • Develops APIs for the android application using Laravel passport.
  • Developed ReactJs components, unit tested with Jest, and reused them.
  • Encrypting data of patients while creating or updating. Decrypting data when showing into the application.
  • Implemented Twilio messages service for the notification in messages.

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